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                              Zen Life Coaching

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A blend of modern coaching and ancient  mindfulness techniques to help you create a zen life

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The Journey

During my time living in Kyoto, Japan I learnt tools and techniques that changed my life.

I spent a large period of that time in monastic study learning zazen meditation and Japanese tea ceremonies. I experienced what it was to live a Zen life of mindfulness and how it impacted my nervous system through quietude and contemplation.

Truly, it was a stress free existence.

I was invigorated by this "Zen life" because it connected me with a deeper sense of my purpose; in Japanese they call this "ikigai." 

It was like I'd received my ikigai from Kyoto itself; I knew that the work I was destined to do involved teachings others how to create their own Zen life.

So, how can I help you do this?

Working with me, I will teach you how to uphold the same Zen life tenets that I learnt through my training in Japan.

I'll help you cultivate a Zen Mind, build up your Inner Samuari state of energy and then channel that energy into creating purposeful action through discovery of your life's purpose (ikigai). 

Zen life benefits:

a) it allows you to live a more stress free life, by better managing overwhelm and anxiety.

b) it can heal you from burn-out and "bore out;" and as a result move you into energized and creative action. 

(c). It brings you into closer connection with your Ikigai so that you can discover your life's purpose. 


We work through three levels of training: 

Level 1: Zen Mind  

Building self awareness

Undoing mind loops/patterns/habits 

Practicing mindfulness meditation 

Level 2: Samurai Energy 

Build resilience

Burnout & Bore-out Recovery

Emotional management techniques 

Level 3: Ikigai: Purpose + Action 

Discovering your ikigai

Creating a road map

Integrating purpose into action

What results from a Zen Life?

Imagine being able to cultivate a more mindful lifestyle that is by and large stress free because you have created meaningful rituals along the way, and cleared your head of all the negative clutter that pulls you down in your day to day life. So much so, that your own purpose and wisdom shines through on a daily basis, as you feel a deeper sense of connection and happiness.

You will come away from this journey feeling a renewed sense of calm and contentment, but also, energized to create a life that is aligned with a deeper purpose.


Less overwhelmed + anxious

Reduction in stress + depression

Recovery of energy 

Emotional resilience

Deeper self acceptance and contentment 

Renewed sense of purpose 

Coaching: Services

What Clients Say:

"My condition now is way better than before thanks to both your online mindfulness course and private coaching on meditation. I advise everyone to take these courses."

Fadi (KPMG)

"Rem coached me with passion and empathy and I was able to re-established my inner compass for the direction in my life. If you are stressed out from your work and wish to embrace your life meaningfully again, I truly recommend his coaching sessions!" 

Julie (Vancouver Teacher's College)

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Work with Remington

Get in touch for a Free discovery call to find out more about this offer.

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Coaching Packages

$150 USD

Zen Mind 

1 Session

$500 USD

Zen Mind + Samurai Energy

4 Sessions

$800 USD

Zen Mind + Samurai Energy + Ikigai
8 Sessions

Coaching: Price List
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