Dao Of Now

Originally conceived in 2012, the primary objective of the Dao of Now is to teach mindfulness and meditation in a simple and digestible way for the western mind. Its secondary objective is to teach how these contemplative practices can be integrated into our everyday urban lifestyles. Through the process of integrating mindfulness into everyday living ("Integral contemplation') one can learn to access their inner wisdom and continue their mindfulness practice through all daily experiences and activities. This was a key teaching of the Daoist sages of old, but the "how-to" has remained mostly a mystery in modern life.

The Dao of Now elucidates this mystery through the method of its courses and writings on mindfulness meditation. The aim of these courses and writings is to help connect you with your own inner sage (spiritual teacher) so that you can be autonomous in cultivating your own spiritual pathway. In this way, you can begin to clear the haze of the modern age. Because let's face it, it's pretty hazey out there. 


Why Meditate?

Mindfulness is "waking up" to the intimacy of life.

The practice of mindfulness meditation is age old. But in modern application it offers a path (Dao) to embracing the chaos that modern living often presents.

In daily modern life we rush frenetically to and fro with scattered attention. It can  feel near impossible to stay anchored in the only "real-time" that your life is happening in: the present.

But how much time do you spend 'time travelling' through the past and future projections of mind?

The present moment is where the intimacy of life takes place. To find our way into that intimacy means tethering our attention to an anchor point.  

Mindfulness meditation offers us an anchor. By paying attention to the this present moment - through breath and body - we become more firmly grounded in it, and through it, gain access to our innate wisdom.

Such a process, facilitates deeper connection with oneself, and by extension, deeper connection with our communities.

It is the process of "waking up" that clears the haze of the modern age.