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Why YOU need Mindful Leadership

I offer sustainable Mindful solutions customized to your organization's needs

Mindful Leadership is a form of leadership that utilizes the heart; that is, leading oneself or others with empathy and compassion. In this day and age burnout from toxic working environments is rife, and to change this, a new reformed version of leadership is highly necessary; one in which the humanistic skills of employees are prioritized. 

Through my work as a lecturer and curriculum designer at NHL-Stenden University, I have designed and taught a highly successful Mindful Leadership program that has been tried and tested on hundreds of hospitality and business students.  (For further info see link below).

In doing this work, I've realised that most institutions, education and otherwise, are desperate for this new form of heartfelt leadership, not only to enhance staff wellbeing, but also to increase retention rates, and overall create positive working environments. 

What I offer is two fold: a 4-day immersion program to get a sense of how mindful leadership can transform your staff well-being. If you like the results, your company can hire my team for a 4-week training that will embed Mindful Leadership into your workplace to create sustainable Mindful solutions for your organizations specific needs. 

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Mindful Leadership

Course Curriculum (4-Day/4-Week program)

Part 1: Focused Awareness (Mindfulness)
Part 2: Emotional Management
Part 3: Motivation & Resilience
Part 4: Empathy & Leadership

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